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Clearwater drivers know all too well about the Lexus maintenance required light. Typically when this light appears, it means it’s time to take your vehicle to a trusted Belleair service center for regularly scheduled maintenance. So, should you pull over to the side of the road and call for help? This isn’t necessary, as you can reset the Lexus maintenance light until you’re ready to take it in for service. But, we suggest you leave the light on until our service experts can help you get the necessary maintenance performed. With that being said, what does the Lexus maintenance required light mean? Learn more with the experts at the Lexus of Clearwater service center today! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

What Does the Lexus Maintenance Required Light Mean?

The Lexus maintenance required light means that it’s time to take your vehicle in for regular service. We recommend bringing in your vehicle for service every 3,500 to 5,000 miles. However, this can change depending on your specific Lexus model.

What Services are Done for Regular Maintenance?

When you take your vehicle in for its 5,000-mile service, our technicians will perform the following:

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Rotation of tires
  • Checking and topping off fluids
  • Lexus-specified multi-point inspection
  • And more!

How to Reset Lexus Maintenance Light?

Although we recommend letting our service technicians reset your maintenance light, you can reset it by doing the following:

  1. Start the car.
  2. Change the odometer/trip display to “ODO” mode or “TRIP A” mode, this layout could vary depending on the type of Lexus you own.
  3. Turn the car off.
  4. Press and hold the “Trip Meter Reset” button while switching the ignition on.
  5. The maintenance light should blink, go solid, and then turn off.
  6. Take your finger off the “Trip Meter Reset” button.
  7. Turn off the car.
  8. Start the car again to make sure the light stays off.

We only suggest resetting your maintenance light if you’ve already performed the necessary maintenance. Resetting the light without performing maintenance could lead to damage to your vehicle and you may even be stranded near Palm Harbor.

Schedule Service at Lexus of Clearwater Today!

Now that you know what the Lexus maintenance required light means, schedule service at Lexus of Clearwater today! Our expert technicians will make sure that your vehicle is ready to perform on the St. Petersburg roads and provide you the peace of mind that your vehicle is maintained by trained experts. Be sure to take advantage of our service specials to save in Clearwater!


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