How to Change Battery in a Lexus Key Fob

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Here at Lexus of Clearwater, we’re committed to making sure that our Lexus owners get the most out of every drive throughout Clearwater and beyond. A properly functioning key fob is essential to your seamless Lexus driving experience. In the following guide, we’ll cover how to change battery in a Lexus key fob instructions so you can continue using your key fob as usual.


Lexus Key Battery Replacement

If you notice your Lexus key fob isn’t responding like it should, it might be time to switch out the battery. Typically, you can expect small batteries like that to last for about 1-2 years. After then, the need for a Lexus key battery replacement is typical. Your Lexus may communicate a low battery via the following signs:

  • A low-battery alert sound in the cabin when the engine is stopped
  • The proximity detection area for the key becomes shorter
  • The LED indicator light on the key doesn’t turn on
  • Smart Access system and/or the push button start doesn’t function

Instructions: How to Change Battery in Lexus Key Fob

Changing your Lexus key fob battery right in your own Belleair garage is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow to properly execute a Lexus key battery replacement:

  • Acquire the proper CR2032 lithium battery from a local St. Petersburg auto or hardware store, or from our parts department here at Lexus of Clearwater
  • Remove the traditional mechanical key that is stored inside the keyfob by engaging the release button on the side of the Lexus key fob.
  • Locate the key fob back cover
  • Wedge that cover open the key fob cover with a flathead screwdriver
  • Pro tip: to protect the key fob housing from scratches, wrap the tip of the screwdriver with tape first.
  • There may be an electronic key module covering the battery. If so, remove that first
  • Pop out the dead battery with the screwdriver
  • Place the new battery in with the positive symbol side facing up.
  • Place the electronic key model back on
  • Replace the key fob cover back.

Now you have properly completed your Lexus key battery replacement! Test the key fob to confirm its functionalities have returned to normal. If you are still experiencing problems with your Lexus key fob, contact us today and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

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Rely on Lexus of Clearwater for Your Parts and Service Needs

If you are in need of a brand new Lexus key fob replacement after misplacing or damaging your key, do not stress. Our Lexus of Clearwater parts department is here to order you a new key, duplicate key, or help with any other parts or service need. Our technicians are proud to service your Lexus and get you back on Palm Harbor roads! Looking for other service tips such as what the Lexus maintenance required light means? Be sure to give us a visit for additional information.

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