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In the dynamic landscape of Belleair and St. Petersburg, many drivers are embracing the transition to eco-friendly transportation solutions that reduce fuel expenses and contribute to a healthier environment. The automotive market now offers an array of electric vehicles (EVs) designed to cater to different preferences and commuting needs. 

So, let’s dive into EVs and explore the various types available, each offering a distinctive driving experience. To witness this electric revolution, explore the diverse inventory of EVs at Lexus of Clearwater.

How Many Types of Electric Vehicles Are There?

Embarking on the journey towards sustainable driving involves understanding the distinct advantages of each type of electric vehicle. There are four primary categories to choose from, each with its unique features:

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs):

HEVs combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor, allowing drivers to utilize both power sources. Ideal for Palm Harbor commuters, these vehicles automatically switch to the gas engine when the electric power is depleted.

2. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs):

PHEVs offer a blend of electric and gas-powered driving, with a larger battery that can be charged externally. PHEVs allow for short electric-only trips and the convenience of utilizing charging stations for longer journeys.

3. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs):

In the realm of silent and emission-free driving, BEVs stand out. These vehicles rely entirely on electric power, boasting larger batteries for extended ranges. With minimal maintenance needs, BEVs provide a tranquil driving experience through the bustling streets of Clearwater.

4. Hydrogen Electric Vehicles (Fuel Cell EVs):

Although less common and more expensive, Fuel Cell EVs utilize hydrogen to generate electricity, emitting only water vapor. Limited charging stations make these vehicles less accessible but represent a futuristic approach to sustainable mobility.

Standout Parts Found Among Types of Electric Vehicles 

Understanding the parts and EV service required for each type of EV is crucial in making an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of the distinctive components found in each model:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles:

  • Engine
  • Electric motor
  • Battery pack with controller & inverter
  • Fuel tank
  • Control module

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • Electric motor
  • Engine
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Fuel tank
  • Control module
  • Battery Charger 

Battery Electric Vehicles

  • ​​Electric motor
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Control Module
  • Drive train

Hydrogen Electric Vehicles (Fuel Cell)

  • Electric motor
  • Fuel-cell stack
  • Hydrogen storage tank
  • Battery with converter and controller

Discover the Different Types of Electric Vehicles for Sale at Lexus of Clearwater

Now equipped with insights into the diverse world of electric vehicles, explore our range of new and used EVs for sale at Lexus of Clearwater. Explore our new vehicle specials and national offers by taking advantage of enticing savings on your next ride. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to address your queries about hybrid and electric cars. Start your journey towards sustainable driving by applying for financing or valuing your current trade-in online. Contact us today to schedule a test drive at our Clearwater dealership and experience the future of mobility.

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